Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Asia is one of the world’s largest hubs for manufacturing, and if you have an iPhone, Samsung or Blackberry, there is a really good chance that it was manufactured in Asia.

Let’s face the facts: This is the information generation where about everyone has a smart phone. If kids in the US or your home country are using smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices as early as primary school, what do you think the Asian market is doing in terms of mobile?

As these products are manufactured in their own backyard, mobile usage in Asia is expected to surpass Latin America and dominate the world market between 2013-2016 with a projected growth rate of 12.4%!

For your business, this trend means that if you have serious intentions on going into the booming Asian market, you would definitely need a mobile site.

“Why? Isn’t my website enough?” are questions that a lot of clients ask us. Our answer: No, it is not enough. Mobile technology and usage is rapidly growing, making mobile the platform where your potential customers can discover your brand.

If they are on a mobile device and happen to see a display ad or social media post and click on the corresponding link, the landing page and site they are transferred to has to be compatible with their device. If it isn’t, the site is not going to display properly: Text and graphics are going to be very hard to see and the potential customers will immediately leave, making you lose a lot of sales opportunities.

In Crossing Borders, we avoid this problem through entailing responsive web design as a standard feature, building sites that can adapt to any form of device. We also offer customized mobile advertising services so you can target customers on-the-go.

Now that you have a great looking multilingual website and a corresponding mobile site to go with it, what happens next? We do Search Engine Marketing.

Mobile Site

Mobile usage is growing at very rapid rates in Asia. We can support your company in all aspects of mobile site design, development and construction.

Mobile Marketing

We offer service options for mobile ad development ranging from content creation and optimization to full scale campaign management.

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