content development

Content Development

You have been successful in your domestic market and have decided to expand to Asia because your business has a very unique, high quality and marketable product.

To support your expansion, the first step in our services is content translation. Although English is taught in schools in Asia, the local consumer population will respond much better if you are speaking their language.

What most businesses do is think of all these great things to say about their products and services in English, then outsource translation to another company; that, or they try to translate the write-ups themselves using machine translation programs like Google Translate.

We have a different approach. In our years of experience, we believe that mere translation is not enough. Why? Because different languages have various ways of understanding concepts.

Simply translating content from one language to another does not necessarily mean that it will be appealing enough to qualify as web content that represents your brand’s debut online.

Here at Crossing Borders, a team of expert translators take the main selling points of your content (product specifications, applications, etc.) and translate them into the Asian language/s of your targeted markets. Once translated, our team of web copywriters specifically develop it to appeal to your target market, getting the maximum number of clicks on your ads and traffic to your website: The more exposure your website has to new consumers, the higher your market potential will be.

So, now that we have your content ready to go, what’s the next step? Proceed to Rebranding and Graphic Design.

Content translation

Sales-specific content is translated from Japanese to English, or English to any other Asian language/s of your target market.

Copy editing

After the most marketable features of your product or services have been translated, a native speaker will edit and optimize it for web marketing channels and applications.

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