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Expansion Strategy Planning

Is your company interested in expanding to Asia? Exponential growth potential is happening in Asia as it is becoming one of the world's fastest growing regional markets. The projected GDP growth rates for South East Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines is expected to average over 5% per annum from 2014-18! ...

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STEP 1: Content Development

Your business has a very unique, high quality and marketable product. That is why you have been successful in your domestic market and have decided to expand to Asia. The first step in our expansion support process is content translation. Although English is taught in schools in Asian countries, the local consumer population will respond much better if you are speaking their language.....

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STEP 2: Re-Branding and Graphic Design

So now that your content has been translated, you just need to plug it into your existing website and you are good to go, right? WRONG! This is one of the biggest misconceptions companies have when trying to expand into Asian markets...

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Asia is one of the world's largest hubs for manufacturing. If you have an iPhone, Samsung or Blackberry, there is a really good chance that it was manufactured in Asia. Let's face the facts, this is the information generation so just about everyone has a smart phone in this day and age...

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STEP 4: Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the fastest way to drive customers who are searching for products and services like yours to your new website. Just because you have a website in a foreign language, it does not necessarily mean that your new potential clients are going to visit it right away...

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STEP 5: Search Engine Optimization

Google, Yahoo and a number of other search engines world-wide are the first places your customers look when they want to find information online. The web is huge and full of website so search engines provide users with a means of delivering content based on criteria specified by the search engine company...

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STEP 6: Social Media Marketing

Do you have a personal Facebook or Twitter account? A few years ago social media was still making headway into the digital world. Fast forward to today and most people are on social media because it provides an efficient way to access current information they are interested in, keep in touch...

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STEP 7: Analytics

When marketers gather in planning meetings and use the latest research data to create ways to present content, there is no way to tell how the users will actually respond to a website or social media page’s content without a system of tracking and measurement...

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Step 8: Outbound Sales Call Service

Analyitics data shows that users see an average of 3000=5000 ads or more per day when browsing online. As a business expanding into a new market, its good to have a presence online and drive interested traffic to your website, however simply waiting for interested users to click on your ads and links in your social media content is not the only means of expanding into a new Asian market.

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Step 9: Multi-Lingual Inquiry Support

As a result of our targeted marketing efforts, your company will make sales in new markets and customers will send inquiries about your products or services. If you don’t speak their language, you’ll have a very difficult time keeping them informed and responding to their requests.

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Closing Support

Doing business in a new country is a very big undertaking. Learning about a new culture, language and set of consumer behaviors is a very difficult undertaking to go about without support...

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We provide digital marketing services.

Since 2009, Gulliver Offshore Outsourcing, our parent company, has done service deployment centered on BPO offshore services for Japanese clients. Recent years, however, has made way to their ever increasing need to expand globally, giving birth to a marketing support brand, “Crossing Borders,” in 2014.

Our digital marketing, the unique and most effective form of reaching out to the world, has initially done research for Japanese companies. Now, we are also reaching out to US-based businesses that are thinking of venturing to Asia.

Crossing Borders is in partnership with the International Institute of Digital Marketing, an institution recognized as a standard in digital marketing. In cooperation with diversified marketing professionals and our amazing skills to boot, we provide B2B and B2C digital marketing services to match a wide variety of companies.

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